Email your Councilmember


Dear Councilmember:

I support the LMU Master Plan and the Environmental Impact Report for the project.

LMU's twenty-year plan will modernize the campus, including new, state-of-the-art educational and research facilities, modern student housing, additional parking, and improved walkability. The modernized buildings will also continue LMU's strong leadership and commitment to the environment, and will include numerous sustainable design features.

Importantly, all these improvements will be made without increasing the student enrollment cap or acquiring more land.

In addition, the university has created a plan that is sensitive to its location within a neighborhood, and has made significant commitments to the neighbors about building location and height.

In short, the LMU Master Plan will create significant benefits for both the university and the community that surrounds it. I support the Master Plan, and I believe that this is the exact kind of project that the City should support.